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About Us

About Us

The Sun News

1012 38th Ave. N, Suite 301

Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

843-626-8555 or 1-800-568-1800

The paper: The Sun News is the Grand Strand’s local news leader. We are passionate about our responsibility as being Horry County’s most compelling and trustworthy information source through our newspaper and digital products.

While primarily a coastal tourism-based community, the region also contains rural, agricultural and some light industrial sections. The area’s population is composed of a distinct mix of “native”-born locals and residents who have relocated to the area from all over the world. Myrtle Beach and the Grand Strand area are considered one of the country’s most visited family and golf vacation destinations.

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Have a comment for The Sun News? Contact the newsroom at or click here for a complete list of contacts.

Coverage area: The Sun News is located in the seaside city of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Located on the far northeastern edge of the state, Myrtle Beach is in close proximity to historic Georgetown, South Carolina (38 miles), Charleston, South Carolina (99 miles), and Charlotte, North Carolina (175 miles).

Products: We are proud to publish The Sun News and

Circulation: 20,094 Monday-Friday; 25,583 Sunday (Alliance for Audited Media, Q4 2018 QDR)

Circulation area: Home delivery is available throughout Horry County, the northern part of Georgetown County and the southern tip of Brunswick County, North Carolina

Average web traffic:

• Page Views: 7.7 million monthly (September 2018, Omniture)

• Unique Visitors: 1.7 million monthly (September 2018, Omniture)

Founded: The weekly Myrtle Beach News was founded in 1936. In 1961, the Myrtle Beach Sun (founded in 1950) bought the Myrtle Beach News and formed The Sun News newspaper. The State-Record Company of Columbia bought The Sun News in 1973 and it became a Monday-Saturday newspaper. In 1977, The Sun News added a Sunday paper and began printing seven days a week. Knight-Ridder purchased The State-Record Company, including The Sun News, in December 1986. The McClatchy Co. bought Knight Ridder and The Sun News in June 2006.

Key Executives

Stephanie Pedersen, General Manager and Executive Editor

Kimberly Gary, Regional HR Business Partner

General Hiring Contact: Human Resources Director: 843-626-0355 or email Kimberly Gary.

McClatchy News Ethics Policy

These ethical guidelines for McClatchy newsrooms outline the values and standards that guide our journalism. No policy can address every conflict that may arise in our day-to-day work. It’s the responsibility of each McClatchy journalist to use good judgment and confer with news managers if the answer to an ethical question is not completely clear.

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